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Health Surveys & Health Camps

Health is an important parameter and which it is related to a community, it becomes more sensitive as an outbreak in a community can result in major losses. At Green Health Foundation, we study the communities for their health and locate the primary sources of possible outbreaks. Post locating the sources and identifying possible threats to the community, solutions are designed which also include setting up of health camps where required. The camps include general checkup, dental checkup, eye checkup and much more as per the need identified. For health surveys, questionnaires are designed using appropriate references.

Environment Health Assessment (EHA)

Under EHA, we study the environment for polluting sources and treat the pollutant at its base using appropriate solutions. The strategy involves identification of the pollutants from various sources and their rectification with respective control measures so as to minimize their health effect to minimal extent. So may it be a garden, a pond or your surroundings, any place you want to be healthy in terms of environment can be cured. Solutions designed are location specific and based on the highlights of the study performed.

Tree Plantation – Forest-A-Nation

Importance of a tree is well known to all and the entire ecosystem depends on the green cover. Numerous plantation drives have been practiced by many, but the protocols followed lack post care scheduling for the trees which makes the entire survival rate go down to 2-10%. At Green Health Foundation, we have developed a well -defined way to make plantation drives successful and also ensure better survival rates for the planted trees. Initially the area, soil, water availability and quality are studied and based on that trees are selected. We practice a way where trees contribute to Biodiversity richness of the area rather than simply functioning as green cover addition. We have developed a protocol which is named as Forest-A-Nation, which defines a step by step method for Tree Plantations.

Sustainable Village Development (SVD)

Under SVD, we identify Villages which have issues of Health, Water, Sanitation, Environment, Farming etc. and study by using sampling techniques and questionnaire surveys and interactions. Based on the results, solutions like Organic Farming, Solar Lamps, Tress Plantation, Health Camps etc. are implied and a follow up study is maintained to ensure determined success rate. Need based R&D solutions & technology implementations are being suggested.At Green Health Foundation, we carry out field based research where solutions are designed for various situations. Example: making potable water available, research over the use of appropriate material in a filter was carried out, which was then compiled into a design and used for treating 25000 liters water per day.

Technology Outreach Assessment and Implementation

Under this program, we select, review, check the suitability of any relevant technologies which act as pollution remedy and recommend it for use. We assist in the implementation and application of such identified technology. For eg. Setting up a community rainwater harvesting project for a residential/ commercial complex, setting up wastewater recycling technology for the same, solid waste handling tools for the community.

Special Studies for Environment Impact Assessment (EIA)

We undertake special studies for EIA projects includes environmental monitoring for air, water, noise, soil testing, land use and land cover studies, biodiversity, socioeconomic survey etc. The environmental baselines are defined at each stage of the project and their respective impact on the environment is identified. Accordingly, environmental monitoring programme, environmental management plan, and disaster management plan are developed which are essential components of EIA.

Bio Monitoring & Bio-diversity Assessment

Biodiversity monitoring includes assessing the green cover along with the species dependent on the trees which includes bird population, insect population etc. Under this, we study the entire environment and create solutions which shall work towards enriching the biodiversity in the study area. A pond, an ecosystem, a backyard or a public garden can be studied and enhanced in terms of Bio diversity.

Community Rain Water Harvesting


Water shortage is now a common problem everywhere. In such a condition, harvesting the natural resource to the fullest is necessary. We work towards studying the structure of the building/construction and suggest appropriate changes to save and collect rain water. Our process involves preliminary study followed by a report which includes all changes that need to be addressed.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR a mandate from Government of India, Under Companies Act 2013, Schedule VII, where companies in the bracket have to share 2% of their net profit for Social Causes. CSR is an opportunity for the companies to create a better environment for themselves and their surrounding.At Green Health Foundation, we focus on creating sound CSR projects which are practiced in Project Mode, as demanded by the Government.  Our Work includes study of the area and the population considered and it concludes with marking a report to the Supporter. We practice CSR under:

  • Research based solutions and awareness campaigns for water quality assessment, air quality, noise mapping & soil testing, energy conservation etc.
  • Mega Tree Plantation drives and maintenance
  • Animal welfare & protection programs
  • Energy program: renewable energy sourcing, energy efficient technologies
  • Solid waste solutions: awareness programs for e-waste, biomedical waste, municipal solid waste and technological implementation like organic waste convertor use, etc.
  • Health Survey & Health Camps for poor communities, malnutrition assessment
  • Intervention programmes for schools, colleges, companies, factories
  • Awareness Campaigns for specific cause; For eg: Quit Smoking
  • Technological assistance & implementation for PHC’s, etc.
  • Sanitation Programs: Bio toilets, Awareness drives, Technological Implementations

  • Improvement of water quality and sanitation, soil mapping and testing
  • Farming solutions and water availability for projects
  • Research based projects for contamination testing
  • Energy program: Renewable Energy use

Village Development Programes, health assessment

  • Promoting education and research for poor communities
  • Empowering poor communities with education tools, eg: computer training
  • Driving employment based programmes, eg: jewellery making workshop
  • Awareness programs & interactive sessions for enhancement with experts
Socio Economic Surveys and Assessment

GHF is an organization that has expertise in conducting socioeconomic surveys. The working professionals here have taken special training course for conducting surveys and have a good experience in the same. GHF has successfully conducted various surveys in city slum areas, villages and mass gatherings. The socioeconomic survey is prepared according demography, census based data, income group, lifestyle and vulnerability of the region and the requirement of the project activity, which will be well interpreted with factorial data.